Window Parent is always null

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Whether the Parent is a Page or another Window, whether the Window is modal or modeless, the Parent property is always null.

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Yes, correct. But you can use the owner. If you change the test like this:

new GrandChildWindow().Show(this);


var parentName = "null";
 if (this.Owner != null)
 parentName = this.Owner.ToString();

label2.Text = parentName;


You’ll get the owner of the grandchild form.

There is one aspect of the form ownership that is not working well, when a form is activated it should bring to top and in front of it the forms that it owns.

Also, a form can be created as a child control of another form. If you set the TopLevel property to false you can assign the Parent of a form and it will behave just like any child control.

When the form is an Mdi Child, the Parent property should refer to the MdiClient control, TopLevel  is still false in this case, but IsMdiChild is true.



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This reports concerns the Parent property of Forms. I was under the impression that Windows Forms fills the Parent property of Forms. I just checked and it doesn’t. So Wisej behaves like it should.

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Hi Tiago, the Parent property on a child control? I can’t reproduce, I always get the parent. Can you give steps?

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Thanks Tiago,

I have logged WJ-7294 for that issue.

Best regards

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