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Now that all Windows Forms types have a Wisej equivalent, I must ask why you are using two different namespaces, Wisej.Web and Wisej.Data. I guess that’s because you are planning a mobile edition that will use Wisej.Mobile but you want to keep Wisej.Data. I won’t discuss your choices, I’ll just explain our difficulties.

  1. As you have explained several times, you can’t remove the System.Windows.Forms reference from Wisej projects.
  2. The templates don’t include a using Wisej.Data
  3. Everytime we type some class name that exists both on System.Windows.Forms and on Wisej.Data, the first thing Visual Studio shows is the System.Windows.Forms class.

So either you fix the templates to include Wise.Data or you unify the namespaces under Wisej.Web namespace.


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Hi Tiago,

after internal discussions we decided to follow your suggestion and changed Wisej.Data to WiseJ.Web.

It´s logged as WJ-7327 and fixed in beta build 1.2.10

Thank you for your input.

Best regards

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The templates need to be updated for sure. Good catch!

The reason for Wisej.Data is what you wrote. The data binding is shared between Wisej.Web and Wisej.Mobile.



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