Where is Wisej.HostService.exe?


Hi there,

I’ve downloaded the OWIN extension, but Wisej.HostService.exe is not present in the files.

Assume I have to load the relevant project and compile it myself?

However, I’m getting all kinds of errors when I try to build Wisej.HostService:

1>—— Rebuild All started: Project: Wisej.HostService, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ——
1>Project file contains ToolsVersion=”14.0″. This toolset may be unknown or missing, in which case you may be able to resolve this by installing the appropriate version of MSBuild, or the build may have been forced to a particular ToolsVersion for policy reasons. Treating the project as if it had ToolsVersion=”4.0″. For more information, please see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=291333.
1>c:\MICHELL\PROJECTS\Wisej\OWIN self host\HostService\Shared\WisejHost.cs(100,16,100,17): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘.’
1>c:\MICHELL\PROJECTS\Wisej\OWIN self host\HostService\Shared\WisejHost.cs(100,17,100,24): error CS1003: Syntax error, ‘:’ expected
1>c:\MICHELL\PROJECTS\Wisej\OWIN self host\HostService\Shared\WisejWorkerRequest.cs(132,14,132,15): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘.’
1>c:\MICHELL\PROJECTS\Wisej\OWIN self host\HostService\Shared\WisejWorkerRequest.cs(132,15,132,24): error CS1003: Syntax error, ‘:’ expected
1>c:\MICHELL\PROJECTS\Wisej\OWIN self host\HostService\Shared\WisejWorkerRequest.cs(133,27,133,28): error CS1525: Invalid expression term ‘.’
1>c:\MICHELL\PROJECTS\Wisej\OWIN self host\HostService\Shared\WisejWorkerRequest.cs(133,28,133,34): error CS1003: Syntax error, ‘:’ expected
========== Rebuild All: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped ==========


I’m using Visual Studio 2012 Pro.
Do I assume I need a later version of Visual Studio? (2015 or even 2017?)




  • Darren
    Hi, I found & downloaded the .exe from here: http://demo.wisej.com:8080/ and have placed it into the same folder as my web.config as per the pdf instructions. Instructions say that I launch the .exe which will automatically load my web app. project – but this isn’t the case. Nothing has changed. I’m not quite understanding the usage of Wisej.Hostservice.exe – can someone please explain how to actually get this working? Thanks
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Hi Luca! If I using Wisej.HostService.exe, for each client I saw that the Wisej.HostService.exe application will increasing about 10MB of RAM and didn’t release after client disconnect or close. That may by increase from initial 13MB to ~1GB RAM or more. How to fix this?


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The HostService extension is provided with the source code to be compiled to match your requirements. There are many OWIN middlewares that you can add to your host service to add authentication, filtering, logging, etc. Basically it lets you build your own web server with the features you need. The one we provide is the base skeleton. For example, we have included the file system middleware to browser files, but you may want to remove it.

The same goes for the Standalone exe. We provide the basic window and two options (IE and Chrome). Usually a final project wants to change the logo at startup, the loader, the exe icon, and maybe add a toolbar or status bar or other controls.

You also may want to change the default port. Or may want to handle certain requests in a custom way. To compile it you need VS2015 because the code uses some constructs available with the C# 6 compiler.

I have attached the precompiled exe. Please be aware that Windows 10 (or maybe also 8) will block any service trying to listen to 80 and all domains. So if you want to start the service listening to * and port 80 you need to start it as admin.

See also  https://wisej.com/blog/self-hosting-and-standalone-web-apps/

To start the one I attached:

  • Copy the exe to the root of your Wisej project (same level as /bin).
  • You can register multiple instances of the same service (i.e. for load balancing in case you also use NGINX as reverse proxy), simply assign a different name (it shows in the task manager or service manager).
  • Start it from the command line to test like this: Wisej.HostService -d:localhost -p:8080
  • Now you can browse to localhost:8080
  • If you want to accept external connections: start the command line as admin and run Wisej.HostService -d:* -p:80  (or 8080, depends on your firewall)
  • To install as a service use -i and optionally -n to set the name.

We are using it here: http:/demo.wisej.com:8080


  • darren logan
    Hi Luca, I’ve had both self hosted and stand-alone working – thank you. Quick questions regarding stand-alone: 1/ I can change icon & splash image, etc. of the host window, but as soon as the app. window loads, the host window loses it’s backcolour and, if present, image – and ends up plain white. Is it possible to retain backcolour or image of the host window? 2/ Is it possible to communicate between controls on the host window and controls on the inner app.? (if so – how?) Cheers
  • Luca (ITG)
    Once the app is loaded the background color is the one set in the app. The splash is gone. You can either set a MainPage or change the theme color for the “root” appearance key or set the color of the element in Default.html. And yes it’s possible to communicate between the frame and the inner wisej web app by running javascript from the host and handling events. You can also set arguments to the URL used to launch the to pass values one way to the app.
  • Darren
    Hi Luca, I haven’t looked at the theme aspect yet and don’t know what a “route appearance key” is. I’ll come back to this after exploring other areas, but it’s good to know for the future. I wrote a lot of javascript on one project about 15 years ago but haven’t touched it since. I wouldn’t know where to start on this, but again – good to know. Btw, perhaps slightly off topic here, and probably a ridiculous question, but can a wisej web app. be hosted by a hosting company like a regular website? If so, what criteria must the hosting company meet to do so? (I ask this because I recall that not all companies used to be able to host asp.net sites) Thank you!
  • Luca (ITG)
    In Default.html set <body style=”background-color:green”> and it should keep the color if you only use windows in the wisej app. If you use a page it always fills the browser. Wisej apps can be hosted anywhere that can run IIS and give full trust to the apps. We tried on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure Web Site (deployed from VS directly), and also used the cheapest possible Windows shared account at GoDaddy.com to make sure. Probably early 2019 we’ll be able to deploy on Linux as well.
  • Darren
    Ok thanks. I’m now wondering whether I could integrate a wisej app into our existing company website? I’m not sure where our site is hosted but it might be in-house as I know we manage it. I’ll ask tomorrow at work. What I’m thinking is adding some cool interactive stuff, like live temperature / humidity readings or perhaps a calculator, or chartjs… something along those lines. Trouble is I’m not sure what questions to ask our IT department on how to achieve this! Cheers Darren
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