WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet problem with Wisej.Web.GroupBox



I use:
[+] licensed Wisej
[+] Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2019, version 16.7.5
[+] Windows 10

I use the Wisej.Web.GroupBox.
[+] I have registered that this works in your examples.
[+] 1.png = In my project in the Visual Studio development environment the GroupBox “Select customer” is displayed as expected. OK.
[+] 2.png = In the browser call, however, only parts of the GroupBox are drawn. The vertical lines and the lower bar are missing. What’s wrong?

Many Thanks. Greetings.

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Best Answer

Hi Mathias,

it seems you are using different themes at design time and runtime.

Please check your default.json or web.config or application code to see if you are loading/setting a theme there at runtime.
You can change the theme at design time through the combo box in the designer toolbar.

Best regards

  • Mathias Häuser
    Hello Frank, oh yes – that’s the problem. I am very sorry. I didn’t even notice that there was this selection box on the topic for the user interface in the development environment. Problem solved. Many Thanks. Best regards Mathias
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