[SOLVED] What happen when I minimize the windows on a simple WebApplication??

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When I minimize the window on a WebDesktopApp the icon show in the lower… but..

If I minimize the window in a WebApplication?? desapear??

How can I see my window again?

Or how can I show the icon of the window like a WebDesktopApp… (I prefer simple WebApp)




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Hi Michael,

When you  minimize a window, it is hidden from the client view. The WindowState is Mininized. You can set the WindowState to Normal or Maximized to show the window again. I noticed that we don’t have a WindowStateChanged event and the state is changed after changing the visibility, so it’s hard to detect. I have logged an enhancement to add the WindowStateChanged event, it will be in the next update. I can send you a simple derived Form class if you need the event right away.

The Desktop control (or user derived classes) replace the default window manager and when a window is minimized it shows a taskbar item in the taskbar.

Without the Desktop control it’s up to your application to manage minimized windows. You may handle them in a menu, or in a list of icons, or create stacked buttons. It’s entirely up to your app. If you’d like to use the built-in Deskop you can either use it as-is or as the base for your Desktop class.




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