VWG UniqueIdExtender extender, how to in WiseJ




a] share how to specify the client side ID of the component, as we are able to do with UniqueIdExtender of VWG.

b] share how to retrieve a client side ID of component, like a button…?


Thank you

Pavel Weiss


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Hi Pavel,

you can get unique IDs by adding this to your default.json:

"options": {"automation.mode":  true},

Best regards,


  • Pavel Weiss
    thanks, but that does not answer my question, I need the controlID from to be available in c# code… and the (a) portion of the question is not answered as well, can you provide valid answer, please?
  • Levie (ITG)
    Hi Pavel, In C# you can use: `((IWisejComponent)this.button1).Id` , from JavaScript you can use: `this.getId()` from the client-side widget’s context. If you need to set an identifier on the client, you should provide more context on what you’re trying to accomplish so we can provide an appropriate solution for your situation. Best, Levie
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