VisualWebGui Migration - ToolStrip issues


Hi all,

guys you are doing a wonderful work. I am now trying to migrate VisualWebGui app to Wisej. As I was using ToolStrips in the old app, now I am getting Type or namespace could not be found. This is happening for:

  • ToolStrip
  • ToolStripLabel
  • ToolStripTextBox
  • ToolStripButton
  • ToolStripDropDownButton
  • ToolStripSeparator
  • ToolStripComboBox
  • ContextMenuStrip

What can be done to overcome this, as it looks like you do not have a ToolStrip class implemented.

This is what I have in the current VWG App (see attachment) – Toolstrip with Label, TextField, Buttons, and DropDown

Is it possible to create a virtual class based on horizontal stack that can act as a ToolStrip ?

I have this on every window in the old app so manually adjusting this is nightmare


Also can I propose a special VWGMigration subsection in support forums.

Thank You!


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Hi Jonatha,

Instead of implementing the toolstrip as a duplicate of the toolbar, we are adding toolbar child types that more or less match toolstrip items and a generic IToolbarItem. ToolbarControlHost will allow you to add any Control to a toolbar and preserve the Auto Overflow Dropdown.

We don´t have a specific release date yet, but will keep you updated.

Best regards


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Any news on when ToolStrip will be available?

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Hi Dino,

We don’t have the ToolStrip system at the moment. It’s on the roadmap, after the RibbonBar. However, as you noted, it’s relatively easy to replace the toolstrip implementation in VWG using a panel with stacked items. I can send you a sample app next week after Tuesday. We have a pending overdue release that is kind of stopping everything until it’s out.



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