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I am evaluating Wise as a replacement for Visual Web Gui.

Step 2 of the white paper states Create a new Wisej project and copy over all the files from the original WinForms application;

It is not clear to me how you add Form1.vb etc to a Wise project.

Please elaborate









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Hi Jim,

I suppose you are referring to Visual WebGUI to Wisej migration white paper and your question refers to the step after copying over all the files from the original VWG application.

  1. Click on any file of your Wisej project (select any file in the project)
  2. In the Solution Explorer tool bar, click on Show All Files button
    The files you copied should appear now.
    The Form1.Designer.vb file only shows when you unfold the Form1.vb, but never mind about that.
  3. Right click on Form1.vb and in the context menu, click Include in Project

Both Form1.vb and Form1.Designer.vb (and Form1.resx if you also copied it) are now part of your project.

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