VistaDb Entities and Datasource NullReference Exception

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I’m using Entities with VistaDB (embeded database from gibraltar sw), in Asp.Net Application.

My code is like:

var clientList = model.Clients.Select(x => new GymClient { LastName = x.LastName }).ToList();
dataGridView1.DataSource = clientList;

If I use next connection string, app throws error after set datasource in datagridview. Local database is in bin folder

static string ConnectionString => $”Data Source=\”{HttpRuntime.BinDirectory}\\{DatabaseFile}\”;Open Mode=NonExclusiveReadWrite;Password=\”{SensistiveEncriptionKey}\”;Pooling=true”;



en Wisej.Core.ComponentManager.SetDirty(IWisejComponent component)
en Wisej.Base.ControlBase.Wisej.Core.IWisejComponent.set_IsDirty(Boolean value)
en Wisej.Base.ControlBase.Update()
en Wisej.Web.DataGridView.Update()
en Wisej.Web.DataGridViewColumnCollection.Add(DataGridViewColumn column)
en Wisej.Web.DataGridView.AutoGenerateBoundColumns(DataGridViewColumn[] newBoundColumns)
en Wisej.Web.DataGridView.RefreshColumns()
en Wisej.Web.DataGridView.RefreshColumnsAndRows()
en Wisej.Web.DataGridView.OnBindingContextChanged(EventArgs e)
en Wisej.Base.ControlBase.OnParentBindingContextChanged(EventArgs e)
en System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnBindingContextChanged(EventArgs e)
en Wisej.Base.ControlBase.OnBindingContextChanged(EventArgs e)
en Wisej.Web.ContainerControl.get_BindingContext()
en Wisej.Base.ControlBase.get_BindingContext()
en Wisej.Web.DataGridViewInternal.DataGridViewDataConnection.SetDataConnection(Object dataSource, String dataMember)
en Wisej.Web.DataGridView.set_DataSource(Object value)
en IdemWisejDemo.TestForm.btnAccept_Click


Next connection string works ok, but you need create App_Data folder in project, and put local database there. This way no error throws, if it is useful for you.

static string ConnectionString => $”Data Source=\”|DataDirectory|\\{DatabaseFile}\”;Open Mode=NonExclusiveReadWrite;Password=\”{SensistiveEncriptionKey}\””;

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Best Answer

Hi Ser,

the problem in your code is HttpRuntime.BinDirectory which is null in Wisej.

You can find ways to determine the right PATH in this discussion:

Hope that helps.

Best regards

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