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Our application is currently in Production with 1.5.48.

When will the 1.5 line of code stop getting fixes/updates ?

And when it does stop – do you foresee any issues with just opening the project under version 2.x and just compile and deploy ?

So far i see several issues with the 2.x version that has me worried about deploying the PROD application under the new version.

Another question – it appears there is no way to maintain any 1.5.x applications on the same machine once we start using 2.x – is this assumption correct ?

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Hi Edmond,

as announced in our last news mail we will continue to fix bugs in 1.5 version till end of April.

For the upgrade of 1.5 to 2.0 we listed a couple of things to consider in the read me file  but
it should be a safe and straight forward process not requiring too many efforts.

What issues have you seen with 2.0 ? Please report them so we can take a look.
So far we are very happy with the 2.0 releases.

Best regards

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