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Good evening to all the WiseJ developers,
I have a question about using a validation framework.
Are there developers in this forum who have integrated the famous framework “FluentValidation” ( into the WiseJ UI as dynamically as possible?
The validation in the backend is extensively documented, but I can’t find a dynamic approach to use the Validate() events in combination with the ErrorProvider to display the appropriate error messages per control.

I am very happy about every tip, link or approach.

The available examples always refer to ASP.NET Core / ASP.NET MVC.

Many thanks!

Jan Brandenburger

  • Tim Larson
    I have used fluent validation and I also ran into it’s limitations of not really being dynamic. I have started using Microsoft Rules Engine which is very promising. You can set your rules in JSON and compare it. It also has warnings and errors which helped fit my needs.
  • Jan Brandenburger
    Hi Tim, thanks for your answer. I’m already interested in how others solve the validation. Because writing the same code in every mask cannot be clean. So I thought that FluentValidation is an approach that completely seperates validation from the UI.
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Here is the example.
For explanation:
(1) I use the framework “FluentValidation”.
(2) I have written a PersonValidator.
(3) I use the BindingSource.

The code is only an example and should be refactored in any case!

Every hint and suggestion for improvement is welcome.

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I have found an approach. This one is certainly not perfect, but it works at first.
I will translate it into english and then put it here. Maybe there will be suggestions for improvement from members of the forum.

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