Using "setMenu" on a dynamically created menu shows a small empty square if 0 menuitems



btnFixity.Call(“setMenu”, cmFixityDropdownMenu);


where cmFixityDropdownMenu is a dynamically created Menu with 0 to 4 items.  If there are 0 items in the menu, clicking the button shows a small, approximately 4×4 empty menu when you click the button.  Ideally, it should not show anything at all.

But if I have to workaround the issue, is there a way to call “removeMenu” when there are 0 items, so the empty contextmenu doesn’t display?

OR, is there a way to make the button non-clickable, besides calling .Enabled = false (which changes the text color?)



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Hi Andrew,

is there any particular reason why you are not using a MenuButton?
It should include this functionality “out of the box”.

Best regards

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