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The business requirement is to have different links per document type/id. Is it possible to have the following URL scheme in Wisej application:



{domain} – the custom domain

{lang} – user language

{document_type} – the type of displayed document, i.e. invoice, customer, etc.

{document_id} – the document ID

For example, user received the email with reference to a specific document, when clicked – the expected behavior:

  1. Instance of the default browser opened OR separate tab on existing opened browser instance is created
  2. If not user is authenticated, then
    1. Forward user to authenticate form/page
    2. Perform the Authentication process
  3. Load application with already opened form for specific document type/id on the specific language
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Hi Stanislaw,

this is certainly possible with Wisej.

For the authentication you can check Application.Session and navigate to a login window if needed.

For the URL handling you might want to take a look at our DeepLinking example on GitHub:


Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards

  • Stanislaw Tristan
    Hi Frank! Thanks for pointing me. This sample is exactly I’m looking for.
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