Unable to cast object of type 'Wisej.Web.Form' to type 'Wisej.Core.IWisejControl'. 



Hello Wisej:

I’m desperate, I can not access any form to work with. My notebook hard drive died, so I load the project in another computer. Please help.k

Thanks in advance.

  • Tom Christiansen
    Unable to cast object of type ‘Wisej.Web.Form’ to type ‘Wisej.Core.IWisejControl’.
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Best Answer

This is issue is caused only by 1 problem, the VS designer is loading multiple Wisej assemblies. They may have been left in \bin or one of the references have a different version, etc.

  • Close the designer.
  • Delete \bin and \obj
  • Recompile
  • Check that \bin and \obj only have Wisej.Framework and NOT Wisej.Core or Wisej.Web (1.5)
  • Close VS, Reopen VS.
  • Try again.




    Thanks Luca. I did what you said, and still the problem, so I uninstalled Wisej, reboot the computer, and then re-install the wisej, I deleted all bin, obj folders, build and re-build and now works. Thank you.
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The issue was that i was referenced Wisej.Ext.MaterialDesign.dll vs: 1. I change to vs 2, and works.


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