[SOLVED] Trouble on changing license from Beta to Trial

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I had a beta license of WiseJ on VS2015 community which expired on 11/01/2016.

Now I downloaded the trial and tried to ACTIVATE the new license key (Purchase #6836) but it returns license invalid.

On my account I see that the activations of this license are 11. These are the tries I made to activate.

I uninstalled WiseJ and installed it from the begin.

I purchased another trial license (Purchase #6865) and the result is the same (Invalid License).

It seems that the activation program can not change my first beta license which has expired because it show this first license always, even after reinstallation of WiseJ.

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Best Answer

There is an issue with the license manager when trying to replace an existing server beta license. It’s fixed and will be in the upcoming build.

To solve the issue:

  1. Delete wisej-server.lic (or any other .lic) from \ProgramData\IceTeaGroup\Wisej
  2. Delete wisej-server.lic from the application’s project folder. This is important, because the error is that the license manager saves the updated license to \ProgramData\… and then reads the previous one from the local application folder, detects a mismatch and activates again.
  3. Either restart IIS or add ?sid=new when testing the application again, to force a new session.

Send a message to support@wisej.com and we’ll reset the counter.

Soon we will add additional functionality to the account page to let you manage the activations online.



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