Hi Wisej,

In winform, i can set image of ToolBarButton to Left, Right,Top,Bottom. And I can set image size of ToolBarButton to SizeToFit or None

How to do it in Wisej framewwork?

Thank you.

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Great Answer

Icons are always set to scale. The size is set in the theme. Or you can force the size of any image assigned to any control by assigning an ImageList and set the size of the image. You don’t have to put the images in the ImageList, although you can.

For the alignment you can use the property. It supports the text on the right of the icon (or inverted for RTL) or below. We don’t support icons below the text in the ToolBar (we have not implemented the TooStrip controls).

  • Huỳnh Tấn Phát
    Thank for your hep. You should develop ToolStrip and MenuStrip like winform. It’s so oki for web app like desktop app. When i change winform to wisej framework, i have so problems with ToolStrip and MenuStrip of Winform to ToolBar and MenuBar of Wisej framework.
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