ToolBar items deep hierarchy


In WinForms we can use a tool bar like a more flexible menu bar. It’s not difficult to do.

In Wise the hierarchy is quite complex and thus not easy to use.

At the first level, items of the ToolBar are ToolBarButton

  • ToolBar.Buttons = { ToolBarButton, … }

At the second level, we must specify a ContextMenu and its items are MenuItem that will be shown

  • ToolBarButton.DropDownMenu = ContextMenu
  • ContextMenu.MenuItems = { MenuItem, … }

From the third level on, it’s just like MenuBar: MenuItem have items that are MenuItem and so on.

Is it possible to make the second level simpler? Instead of a DropDownMenu property, have a simple collection of MenuItem.

Can there be some form of inheritance between ToolBarButton and MenuItem?

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Yes, added as WJ-8377. I think it was done like that to be like WinForms, but adding the MenuItems collection like the Button and SplitButton already have is a good enhancement.

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