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I was able to change most elements using theme editor, and I still struggle with these items:

  1. How can I change the tooltip position? I want to be displayed similar to the winform apps, below the mouse.
  2. How can I change the red color from the bottom of the tabcontrol page button when selected? I attached the picture


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The colored bar under the selected tab button (the state is “checked” since it’s actually a radio button system) is animated in the Material-3 theme so it’s done using the css style which allows the theme to inject custom css. See screenshot attached. The style is applied with the state BarTop + Checked.

For the ToolTip widget, select it in the tree then change the Default properties: placementMethod (see placementMethod: to “pointer” and position to “bottom-center”.

You can also change the offset. Can use offsetTop, offsetLeft, offsetRight, offsetBottom or a single “offset” property as an array [t,r,b,l], i.e. offset: [10,0,0,0] for offsetTop: 10. You may have to use the editor since not all the properties are hardcoded in the theme builder because while the styles are limited to CSS, the properties are unlimited and each widget class may add any number of themeable properties.


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