Hi, I’m not able to use/apply my theme, especially for toolbar button.

I added in my theme “icon position” style,  but it can’t work, so i had to change toolbar property text-align to have text on the rigth of the image.

Now my  button is very long with a lot of space between image and text, differently fom theme. is it depending by image size ? i am using elegant icon pack.

Moreover when i try to select image with image selector it does not show images, but only name.

I have  attached 2 screenshot

What is wrong?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Nello,

Would you be able to send us your theme with a small sample application that reproduces the spacing issue? It’s hard to tell the issue from here.

In regards to the icons not loading, I would suggest restarting your machine and checking that Internet Explorer is working correctly.

All the SVG’s you are supposed to see are rendered in mini IE browsers, so if they aren’t showing up there must be an issue with IE.

Let me know!



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