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Wisej is an interesting addition to JavaScript component vendors because of the deep integration options we provide. A lot of Wisej projects and customers make use of external components and include them in their Wisej applications. For example, a client in Sweden integrated the Syncfusion Gantt control with great success.

Please check out the following review about the combination of Wisej with Syncfusion controls:

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Try this:

It’s an internal demo: it can be down, can be under update, can have errors, etc…

We have the same for DevExpress, Infragistics, Telerik. As of now those extensions are available for free only to Technology Partners. We may make them available on their own but I don’t know yet the details.

  • Hitesh Davey
    Looking great! worth giving a shot when release. Btw Grapecity SpreadJS is widely in use grid component on the web
  • Luca (ITG)
    Thanks. We can integrate any js widgets easily also without the premium extensions. Use the Wisej.Web.Widget control, add the packages and the initialization js.
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blog says…”Wisej has integrated Syncfusion’s entire JavaScript control library…” I think this is a game-changer!!!

Does this mean that for a NEW WEB project if I use WiseJ + Syncfusion JS lib than I can simply drag/drop control and write event-driven programming like WinForms without bothering abt Html/js/CSS? Will it work seamlessly and flawlessly?

Do you have a live demo link showcasing WiseJ integration working well with all the Syncfusion JS controls?

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