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I’m using the iFrame panel to try and implement a video conferencing solution.  I had this working a few months ago, but come to revisit it now – it no longer works.  I think a chrome update has now required that the parent (i.e. the iFrame tag) needs to explicitly allow use of the camera and mircrophone.

There is an allow attribute that I think I need to set now.

Like this:

<iframe src=”” allow=”microphone camera”></iframe>

Is there currently a way to do this, or some work around I can add to default.html or some other way to set these values?


Hi Matthew,

Just wanted to let you know we just released the Camera extension, you can get it here:

It might be a good solution for your project!

Best regards,


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Try this:

this.iFramePanel1.Eval(“this.getContentElement().setAttribute(‘allow’, ‘microphone camera’)”)

Can call it on loading or the ControlCreated event.

To call it again on Refresh (widgets are recreated from scratch) you can attach to the ((IWisejComponent)this.iFramePanel).Updated event and set the attribute again.

Will log to add a property “Allow” to the IFramePanel control.

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