[SOLVED] Sub Menu Event handling using visual studio designer



I have a lot of nested submenus, but in order for me to handle event click for each sub menu I have to manually right menuname.click += menuclickhandler, is it possible to do it using designer in visual studio?



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Hi Glenn,

Wisej features a built-in Menu Editor that lets you attach event handlers to each menu item. See the attached screenshot.

  1. Click the control (ContextMenu)
  2. Click Edit Menu in the Property Window (see screenshot)
  3. Add menu items
  4. Click menu item
  5. Add event handler for menu item

You can also just add one handler (for a ContextMenu its MenuItemClicked) and determine which child was clicked with the MenuItemEventArgs.


Let me know if you have any other questions!



  • Glenn Gonzales
    I am sorry, what i meant is menuitems inside a button, or split button, let say i have a split button, with 5 menu items, I cannot find where to attach their click event without manually coding it.
  • Luca (ITG)
    The event is fired by the Button or SplitButton, it’s ItemClick. The menu item that fired it is in e.Item.
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