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Hello, are you considering adding a splitter control, just to help convert VWG applications to WiseJ?   It seems the plan is to require the use of split containers, but it would be great if you had a splitter control just to help with conversions, and the deprecated it later.  Just a thought.


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The splitter control was deprecated very early on in Winforms because it was built by simply docking a control (the splitter) and trying to deduct what was on the left and right. And it couldn’t mix will with other splitters. With Wisej is relatively easy to emulate the single splitter behavior by using the ResizableEdge property and set one of the resizable edges of the control docked to the left (or top). The other will automatically resize.

Implementing a splitter control that attached to the left (or top) and manage all the rest that comes with it, minimum location, drag & drop and pointer capturing, events is a lot of work. It’s easier to convert it to a simple panel just to have the spacer and use the ResizableEdges feature already built-in, or replace it with the SplitContainer.

See attached sample app.



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    That makes sense, but just thought I’d ask, thanks.
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