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Hello, in VWG our users were displayed a blue spinning image in the upper right when waiting for the UI to complete an operation.  Is it possible to get something like that in wiseJ?


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Hi Andrew,

this change (WJ-7847) is included in the latest build (1.3.15).

Best regards

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Hi Andrew,

VWG showed the ajax loaded after 2s (it’s burned in the code as 2000ms or 30ms when forced on) from  the ajax request. In some cases it forced it to show immediately – after 30ms.

Wisej has a loader timeout of 2s by default and it can be changed in default.json: i.e. “loaderTimeout” : 500.

The ajax loader in Wisej is shows to cover the control that issued the long running request, if it can be determined, otherwise it goes to the closest top level.

But… it doesn’t work as it was at the beginning because wisej server is now an asynchronous as it can be and while clicks on a button are locked – meaning you cannot click twice while it’s processing the first click, everything else is asynchronous. So what’s happening is that the ajax loader shows when the first event is fired, but it’s cleared quickly after when the response to another async event (could be a focus change or a keep alive) comes back very quickly.

We are probably going to change this and make it control specific using a new property ShowLoader (already present in the TreeNode class) or reusing the UseWaitCursor property.

I will keep you posted on this.



  • redcard
    Thanks for the fast response!
  • redcard
    Luca, I think this is going to be a show stopper for us. Many of our pages take awhile to load, and it is confusing to the users to not have any indication that the page is still loading. Do you have an ETA on this fix? Thanks.
  • Luca (ITG)
    It’s already fixed, will be in the next update. Just a couple of more days.
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