Some ToolbarButton click events fires twice


Hello, I have been working on this bug for several days now.

We use many toolbars in our website (currently converting from VWG to WiseJ) that contain various toolbar buttons.  Some of them fire the click event twice, every time.  This is bad because it causes dialog boxes to get displayed twice, etc.

If it happens with any button on the toolbar, then it happens with all buttons on the toolbar.

This only occurs with roughly half of the toolbars in our system.  There is no difference in the instantiation or setup of broken toolbars and properly-functioning toolbars (that I can find.)

I cannot recreate the bug in a sample application.

This morning I downloaded the WiseJ source ( and have been stepping through the code, adding conditional breakpoints for affected toolbar buttons (that fire twice.)  The Click event is only wired once (ToolBarButton.cs, line 76) but the OnClick(EventArgs e) function is hit twice.  The JSON that causes this to occur is (from HttpHandler.ProcessHttpAppRequest(context), line 164):

As you can see, the buttonClick event is fired twice, even though the Click event is only wired up to one event handler.

I have been working on this for days, but am not any closer to a resolution.  I am not sure when this behavior started, but I just noticed it this week.  There are other toolbars in our system that do behave correctly.

If you can help in any way, please do.  Our VWG to WiseJ conversion cannot move forward until I resolve this bug.


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Hi Andrew,

I can see the double event, thanks for the details. The wiring on the server side is not the problem, it doesn’t matter how many times the event name is added to config.wiredEvents since the class checks if it exists. The error is coming from the client side. I should be able to send you a dev build with the fix quickly.

Sorry about the time spent on this, but please contact us as soon as you encounter these issues.



  • redcard
    Thanks, Luca. Because this only affects roughly half of our toolbars, I have been trying to find additional details to either workaround the issue or to provide you with enough information to fix it. I appreciate the quick response and fix.
  • Luca (ITG)
    Can I provide you with a dev build to quickly test this issue, or do you need to compile Wisej on your end? If yes, let me know where to email the link.
  • redcard
    I would appreciate a dev build, Luca. Email is ….. Thanks!
  • redcard
    Thanks for the quick fix, Luca. The developer build (1.3.49) you provided fixed the issue.
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