Request or some advice for something like rating control


Request or some advice for something useful like rating control.

Maybe some properties like:
ratingCtl. EmptyImageSource = ‘\someEmptyImageOrEmptyRatingStar’; // maybe a default one if not set
ratingCtl. FilledImageSource = ‘\someFilledImageOrFilledRatingStar’; // maybe a default one if not set
ratingCtl. MaxCount = 5; // 5 max count image
ratingCtl. Value = 3; // 3 selected / filled / get / set. //maybe of type double if supports partial fill

Some events like
onSelectCountChange, …

//maybe e.handled if for example need only integer numbers (without decimal part) (when user clicks) or exact when programatically sets its average value (with decimal part)

It would great if could be a official wisej control/extension

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Sergio,

sorry for the late reply. While there is currently no explicit rating control on our Wisej roadmap,
you could quite easily integrate one of many available javascript rating controls.

We have put together a sample that integrates this jQuery Bar Rating:

In our sample we used a Wisej widget and defined the following packages through the designer:


Then we only need to add the following InitScript:


The rating control then looks like this:


Please also note the handler for the Select event that fires an event on the server that displays an alert box of the selected value:


Demo source code is attached.

Hope that helps.

Best regards


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