Some regression in TourPanel?


I used to create a tourpanel at runtime
Seems next code doesn’t work anymore on recent updates, could you confirm?

var tpl = new TourPanel
Steps = new[]
new TourStep {Title = @"Menu perfil", Text = @"Perfil del usuario", Target = btnUser},
new TourStep {Title = @"Menu de mensajes", Text = @"Mensajes para el usuario", Target = btnMsg}

Thanks in advance!

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You’re right. I will do some extra research, using some custom extensions (adding some custom wisej extensions (dll) to vs references), tourpanel never shows and throw some javascript errors, maybe something about jquery. Seems some issue in jquery compatibility or something else (jquery used inside custom wisej extension (package))

007207 Wisej: onActionCreate Error creating: { false, false, wisej.web.ext.TourPanel, null, [...(3)], false, false, true, false, 500, null, true, id_20, true, TourPanel, null, false, false, 0, false, true, }
qx.log.appender.Native.process() @ qx.js?v=
qx.log.Logger.__log() @ qx.js?v=
WisejQX.log @ wisej.js?v=
WisejCore.log @ wisej.js?v=
WisejCore.logError @ wisej.js?v=
onActionCreateClosure @ wisej.js?v=
WisejCore.onActionCreate @ wisej.js?v=
processResponseClosure @ wisej.js?v=
(anonymous) @ wisej.js?v=
setTimeout (async)
WisejCore.processResponse @ wisej.js?v=
WisejCore.onAjaxRequestComplete @ wisej.js?v=
ws.onmessage @ wisej.js?v=

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Hi Sergio,

tried reproducing with copy-pasting your code and it seems to work fine here. (see attached sample).

What type of error do you get ?

Best regards

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