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Quick question:


I know you guys said that you are going to release (eventually) Wisej.Mobile to create mobile apps.

Now as an example, in my previous VWG experience when you create a MessageBox it looks good in both Desktop browser and smartphone browser (like it adjusts the size automatically to make it readable). Is that something that will happens automatically too with Wisej or is there some code involved?

I tried a basic hello world and the message in the iPhone looks tiny unless you zoom.

I’m sorry if it a dumb or already answered question, but I’m confused.


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Hi Raciel,

When using Wisej Web on a mobile you have to arrange the controls accordingly and you can decide the size of the viewport and scaling. The Default.html page in Wisej is a just a standard html page and it acts as the canvas hosting the entire app. To set the viewport see: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_rwd_viewport.asp

Wisej Web also detects responsive breaks. You can attach to Application.ResponsiveProfileChanged or to the form’s ResponsiveProfileChanged event.

The responsive breaks are preconfigured in Wisej but you can override them by adding a ClientProfile.json file to your project. I have attached the one that is built-in Wisej for your reference.

The Wisej Mobile product that we referred to is a different framework that is not available yet. It uses the same Wisej Core as Wisej Web, but the controls are very different – they are all mobile controls and widgets that can be used to build mobile web applications with the same look and feel as native mobile apps.

You can find here a demo of the widget set that will be in Wisej Mobile: http://www.qooxdoo.org/devel/mobileshowcase/index.html




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