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Hello Wisej:

We have been using WiseJ for over a year and half now and performance is fast, almost always. Sometimes performance has been extremely slow.  We continually get the spinning grey circle almost every 5 seconds on every single page (sometimes). Data Grid Views and other controls take at least 5 seconds to load, but sometimes load almost instantly. This even happens as soon as our application loads our login screen.

Do you have any suggestions how to pinpoint exactly what is causing the slow performance? Any other general performance tips would also be helpful.





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Hi Arturo,

your qx.js is very big on the screens (1.1MB). This says me that you don’t have the minified version of your client sources.

Take a look at the documentation https://wisej.com/docs/html/Configuration.htm

You’ll see the compilation tag with the debug attribute, set it to false and Wisej will minify all sources. After that my qx.js is 300kb.

“<compilation debug=”true” targetFramework=”4.5″>

Wisej reads the “debug” value of the <compilation> to determine whether to minify the javascript libraries. When debug is set to false, Wisej automatically bundles and minifies all the javascript libraries that are required by the application, including Wisej’s core libraries, all extension libraries, and all custom libraries that may have been added by the application.”




    Thank You Jens. You were correct, the web.config was set to debug=true, now thanks to you are everything set to false. Thanks.
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Have you tried using something like application insights to help pinpoint the issue?

    No, but I will. I will use Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.WindowsServer. Thanks.
  • Mark Reed
    Also make sure to add the javascript application insights code your default.htm page.
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