Size and location of controls changes in the designer.


Hello Wisej Support.

When I re-open some of my forms in the designer the size of controls that are anchored Left-Top-Right-Bottom change to have large values (in the 1,000s) and also the location of other controls change to also have large values (in the 1,000s again). This means I either have to re-position them all again every time I open the form or add a method that I run from the _Load method that resizes and repositions everything at runtime. This only happens for a few forms out of about 50 in my project. I am using the latest version wisej ( Is there anything I can do to stop this happening ?



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Hi Andrew,

Have you noticed this for all kinds of controls or just a certain kind?  We were having issues with the TabControl previously, but it would be good to know if other controls are doing this as well.  It would also be helpful to attach a sample and VS version.

Let me know!

Best regards,


  • Andrew Pearce
    Hello Levie, thanks for looking at this for me. I have noticed that DataGridViews get their size changed but are in the same location, labels stay the correct size is but the location changes. I will check if the screens that do this all have a tabcontrol on them or not and I will try and chop back my visual studio solution so I can send it to you as an example. I’m keen to get a solution for this but might take me a day or two to get an example to you.
  • Levie (ITG)
    Andrew, This could be difficult to make a fix for.  WinForms also has this behavior with controls that involve docking, scrolling, or anchoring.  The designer needs a fixed relative size and this can be confusing for the designer to obtain when the form involves scrolling. We’ll take a look at your sample when you post it, but the easiest fix might be disabling AutoScroll in Design mode and setting it to true on the “Load” of the form if it’s in production.
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