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What is the most suitable component to be used as side navigation bar? Accordion? Can it be expanded or collapsed horizontally (like DevExpress components)?


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It’s here:

In case the attached to the post is old, I attached the latest here. You still need the extension attached to the other post.

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Depends on what you need. All panels in wisej can collapse into any of the 4 sides, independently from the orientation of the header. The header can be vertical or horizontal and the panel can contain anything. You can place buttons, links, etc. Panel headers can contain images and tool buttons.

Collapsed panels can be set to auto expand when hovering, or clicking and auto collapse back. See as an example. Collapse the left panel and then hover over it to see it expand automatically over the content.

The background color can be semi transparent, you can change the UI depending on the device, etc.

The accordion is a set of stacked panels, the content of the panels depends on the application. The options are unlimited – we try to stay away from prebuilt higher level components.

  • Ulisses
    How can I download this demo? Thanks!
  • Eric Mathay
    Hi Luca, You have such a wonderful Product, only bad that, I presume, most users are only scratching a litle of all the possibilities. I already was in need for auto-hide panels and constructed it myself, where you offer an out-of-the-box ready solution. I know it’s time consuming, but in my opinion, you should try to expose more of these, like what has already been made through the Blog.
  • Frank (ITG)
    Hi Eric, you raise a good point here and I can assure you that we will come up with many more blog articles, samples and tutorials in 2018. Please keep sending us your feedback. It´s very valuable ! Best regards, Frank
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