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A very basic question and yet, I do not know what the answer is.


If a form/window (not mdi child) is shown from another Window/Page and is subsequently minimized, it is totally hidden. Clicking the button that previously opened the form doesn’t work. How do I show/activate it back? There must be something like a tray that will show all minimized forms like what MyDesktop has.

Am I missing something?




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Hi Luca,

Thanks for the info.

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Hi Cris,

Without the Desktop the form is hidden. It’s up to the application to manage minimized forms. This gives you total freedom to do anything you like: create docked blocks somewhere on the screen, turn icons on or off, manage menu items, etc. The Desktop component creates a button in a scrollable taskbar with a small preview (the preview is done in javascript by cloning, scaling, and disabling the dom – there is a utility static method wisej.utils.Widget.makeThumbnail(widget, size, scaleMode)).

To manage the form’s state use the form.WindowState. When you set it to Normal it will restore the window’ size and location. You can also maximize and minimize it.



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