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I just wanted to check on the correct way to do this. There are several answers within these forums and I don’t seem to be able to get any to work.

Within my long running method I currently have:

void DoSearch()


ShowLoader = true;

// Do my stuff

ShowLoader = false


The problem being that I never see the loading spinner, even when my operations take a few seconds each. What am I missing?




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Best Answer

You have to think of Wisej always in terms of request and response. Until there is a response sent back to the client, you can change anything but nothing is updated on the client. If the app is connected using WebSocket you can  push the updates at any time by calling Application.Update(this).

Or you can attach a javascript event to the button, call this.showLoader() on click and let the server code only set ShowLoader = false.

Or you can set ShowLoader = true, start a background task (Application.StartTask) and se ShowLoader = false at the end of the task.


  • Nic Adams
    It was the application.update I was missing – thank you
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