scrolling in mobile device


is there some news in wisej 2.2 about the fluent scroll in mobile application?

I’ve been waiting for a while

many thanks

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Do you mean inertia scrolling when swiping up/down?

It has been improved a lot since several 2.1 builds ago and we added PrefetchItems ( to all controls with the VirtualScroll property ( Touch support mixed with pinch and zooming has also been improved a lot.

See a video through the airserver screen mirroring of  a data repeater with virtually unlimited items on my phone:

DataRepeater and ListView always use virtual scrolling, ListBox, ComboBox, TreeView can use VirtualScrolling optionally, the DataGridView always uses virtual scrolling, all containers never use virtual scrolling. All controls without virtual scrolling are always smooth and always support inertia scrolling perfectly well.

When virtual scrolling is enabled, the items outside of view do not exist and need to be created as the device scrolls. It allows for the support of unlimited items but it cause choppy scrolling. When PrefetchItems is set, Wisej preloads the items outside of view (see video) supporting inertia and smooth scrolling together with unlimited items.

The only control that supports inertia scrolling but it’s still “choppy” for vertical scrolling (not columns horizontal scrolling) is the DataGridView because while it’s fully virtual it cannot prefetch items at this time. However it still supports inertia scrolling.






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