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Hello everyone,

we are currently in the process of migrating our application from Visual web gui to Wisej.
We did make some decent progress but encountered a problem with the ribbon bar.


As the main language of our application is german we face the problem of very long words in our ribbon bar.
These long words do get wrapped into the next line after a certain amount of characters.

This makes the whole ribbon bar look clumsy and inappropriate for an enterprise application.

Is there a way to increase the button width (ideally automatically), rather than wrapping the word?

Please find attached a sample application demonstrating the problem and a screenshot.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Hi Florian,

The easiest way to accomplish this is probably to use a mixin file.  I’ve attached a sample you can extract into the “Themes” folder of your project that will extend the RibbonBarItemButton to fit the text.  You can play around with the settings of the Mixin theme to get your desired behavior.

The other way is to use JavaScript.  You could call ribbonBarButtonItem1.Eval(“Execute JavaScript code here where ‘this’ is ribbonBarButtonItem1’s context”);  I would recommend using the mixin, but this method is available as well.

These links might be useful for you:





Please let me know if these solutions work for you or if you need more details.

Best regards,


  • Florian Bogner
    Hello Levie, thank you very much for your effort! The provided Mixin resolved the problem with the ribbon bar and is exactly what we needed. Have a a nice day!
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