RibbonBar extension now available !


We are happy to announce our Wisej RibbonBar extension.
It´s now available for free in our extension section – including full source code
that developers can extend and adapt to their apps.


Please note that this is version 1.0 and we will keep improving it further.
You will need Wisej build 1.4.59+ to run the RibbonBar extension.
This extension is also a great example on how to develop and add a fairly complex control to Wisej.

We have also uploaded a RibbonBar sample that you can find here:


The sample shows: Vertical button, vertical splitbutton, horizontal button, horizontal splitbutton,
buttom with menus, checkbox, custom control (including a nice theme picker), button group with horizontal layout,
custom tab colors, events, textbox, combobox with label and icon (optional), AppButton.

RibbonBar is displayed at runtime and in the VisualStudio designer.



It can be localized easily using VisualStudio:


Please try it out yourself and send us your feedback.

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Awesome extension!

thank you


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The RibbonBar button and and split button don’t have the Style property like the Toolbar button. They have the Orientation property. Vertical means that the button fills the column vertically and the internal layout is vertical (icon, text, down arrow if it has a menu or is split), while Horizontal means it fills a row and the layout is horizontal.

Other ribbon items don’t have this option. Some are always horizontal, like the TextBox, ComboBox, CheckBox, etc. And some are always vertical, like the separator.

We also have the RibbonBarButtonGroup which allows you to group buttons in horizontal groups, see the “Edit” tab in the sample.

The ThemePicker in the sample is a normal control, it can be wrapped in a RibbonBarItemControl. It works the same way as the DesktopTaskBarItemControl. It lets you pick a control from the container and it includes it in the RibbonBar. For example, if you want to include a DataGridView, drop a DataGridView on t he form, then in the RibbonBarItemControl select the dataGridView1 control and you will see that it gets imported in the RibbonBar. The same would  happen with the DesktopTaskBarItemControl, and soon with the Toolbar as well.

This lets you handle all the events on the imported control directly.

The RibbonBarItemControl can be Vertical or Horizontal. It’s a very complex control.

Also please notice that when in design mode you can click on an item to select it in the designer.

  • Eric Mathay
    Hi Luca, Thanks for all those clarifications. I didn’t realize you have to first create an instance of the Control you want to add to the RibbonBarItemControl. I was looking to find the control class in the RibbonBarItemControl control selection combo. But as it’s designed to work is also ok, just need to remember to create the instance to be picked. I noticed that if you assign a control instance to the RibbonBarItemControl which is dropped to the form, it disappear from the form, which is good, but if you remove the RibbonBarItemControl item later, the definition for the control is kept in the form designer. I like the way how the Events are “concentrated”, one place where the events are bubbled. The RibbonBar extension is a very flexible and powerful control. Well designed, it’s a must have for people in need for a lot of Menu options, as it’s a good space saving and space organizer. The fact that the designer reflects the changes is very very good. In complement of the Sample project, I personally find it’s worth a Blog article explaining its tips and tricks. Well done ! Regards.
  • Luca (ITG)
    Thank you. You can download un updated build from /extensions. The problem with the controls left behind should be solved.
  • Eric Mathay
    I tested it and found it functional :) As other enhancements, may I propose a Dock property for the ribbonBarItemControl (As work around I added it manually in the designer file), and some visual properties like font,forecolor and backcolor (i.e : ribbonBarItemCheckBox, ribbonBarItemRadioButton, …) I’m aware that we are in V1 and that the control will further evolve. Regards.
  • Luca (ITG)
    Once the control included in the RibbonBarItemControl it’s always resized to fill the RibbonBarItem. The vertical size of the RibbonBarItem is managed by the RibbonBar and the Orientation property (vertical fills vertically, Horizontal is stacked) while the width is taken from the wrapped control. The RibbonBarPage already allows to set the colors of the tab (TabBackColor and TabForeColor) to implement something similar to contextual tabs or other cases where you need to highlight a tab. I’m not sure about the ForeColor and BackColor for individual items.
  • Luca (ITG)
    For V2 we should have support for the AutoOverflow and responsiveness. When the RibbonBar cannot fit the items is starts by hiding the label for the horizontal items and leave only the icon and dropown and after that it collapses groups from right to left and shows then as drop downs in the typical overflow menu buttons. Another enhancement will be the availability of ready made templates for the application dialog either using the newer Office style that fills the page or the older dialog style.
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Hi Frank,

I’m at the early stage of doing some tests using this new RibbonBar extension, and have few questions :

  • When adding a button, I’m wondering to not find the “style” property, like what is found in a standard ToolBarButton.
  • I also tried to add a control, like the themePicker, but can’t select it.

I added a new window2 and a new RibbonBar. Then a ribbonPage -> RibbonGroup -> RibbonBarItemControl.

The selection of available controls is :

myribbonBar1 + Window2, nothing more, where on you Window1, the selection is button1,ribbonbar,themePicker1,window1.

I tried to change my userControl namespace to Wisej.RibbonBar as your’s but without success.

  • Will a userComboBox be supported ? and if yes, will it expand outside of the Ribbonbar ?


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