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I’ve made this request once i thing, can’t find the thread.
Would it be possible to provide an example, on how to handle the POST data that is sent to the application?

I had a sample for GET request’s, that i can handle them in the load() of the form, but i don’t want get.

Would it be too much asking for an exemple for POST?
I want to have my app 100% native in WiseJ, and don’t mix standard ASPX pages for that job.
I saw somewhere that a framework “nancy” is sometimes used, but wasn’t able to figure out how it works.

Would you make a simple example on how can i get/handle the POST values that were sent to my webpage?

Winforms app (going to make a POST Request to my WiseJ app) =>WiseJ app (going to decode the urlencoded POST DATA at the load() of the mainform)
Private Sub FrmLogin_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Load

AddHandler Application.ApplicationRefresh, AddressOf Application_ApplicationRefresh

End Sub

Private Sub Application_ApplicationRefresh(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
End Sub
Private Sub LoadQueryString()

For Each key As String In Application.QueryString.AllKeys
‘listBoxQueryString.Items.Add(String.Format(“{0}={1}”, key, Application.QueryString(key)))
MessageBox.Show(String.Format(“{0}={1}”, key, Application.QueryString(key)))
End Sub

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Best Answer

This is the link to the same question with the sample code attached.


You cannot use QueryString, that is for GET arguments in the URL.

POST is sent as a data stream and doesn’t not exist past the first request. You must read the stream (data, see example attached) using a server side handler, which can be anything you like: PHP, ASP.NET, ASHX, etc. Wisej doesn’t process those requests since it’s Single Page Application (SPA) system that is loaded by the first page, default.html, or default.php, or default.aspx, or any other html page that is processed by the server.

The example attached shows how to transfer custom data of any kind in any format to the wisej application. The syntax is C# but it’s simple to change it to VB:

<% @Page Language="VB" %>

 Wisej.userData = {
  name: "<%=Request.Form("Name")%>",
  lastName: "<%=Request.Form("LastName")%>"


  • Levie (ITG)
    Hi Jorge, did this solve your issue? Best, Levie
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