[REQ] Official Leaflet Wisej Control or some advice tutorial to create it


Can i request official wisej control?, or some advice/tutorial/guideline to start to create a wisej leaflet advanced control (events-properties, methods…) for :
Has a great plugins to integrate too, would be amazing to have some samples with plugins to start with wisej control, personally i was using googlemaps/ajax/aspnet some time ago with some plugins like markercluster…, but leaflet markercluster plugin is a winner, smooth animations, small js file…

For reference here are some samples for leaflet markercluster plugin, has cluster feature, events like marker click to zoom pan and declutter, dinamic cluster/declustering … try change zoom…

You can using leaflet too, with openstreetmap provider to avoid some polices and save some cost like others (googlemaps…)

Thanks in advance!

  • Tom Van den Eynde
    I’d love to see a Leaflet component as well. Is it hard to create one myself (without being a Javascript wizard)?
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You’ll need to create a Widget. (see https://docs.wisej.com/docs/controls/content/widget )

I would recommend following the Leaflet Quick Start Guide when you are trying to figure out what Javascript you need to write to get a simple implementation of Leaflet.

A similar question was recently asked, about implementing a different JavaScript widget (Lottie Web Player). It’s a very similar process to implement Leaflet. For Leaflet, you will need a different Javascript source code file. (For Leaflet, I believe it is “https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.9.3/dist/leaflet.js”). Additionally, the Javascript to initialize the component will look a little different.

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