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Hello, please can anyone help with comprehensive steps on how to go about reports using stimulsoft and pdfviewer control in wisej 3.5.

I have read up everything provided in the forum, but still having difficulties understanding them, I’m new to wisej.

It would have been nice if the developers upload a video about reports, cause I can’t seem to find any video online.

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i integrated Stimulsoft in the Wisej environment.
I did it with VB.NET and using

With using some own classes, in the application i only have to do the following:

Dim preview As New emWebReportPreview(New CallParams(em, Me))
ds.DataSetName = “DataSet”

preview.AddDataSource(“DataSet”, ds)

preview.AddVariable(“SystemLang”, em.SystemLang)
preview.AddVariable(“SystemVersion”, em.SystemVersion)
preview.AddVariable(“Lizenz”, “”)
preview.AddVariable(“Unternehmen”, em.Company + ” – ” + em.UserID)
preview.AddVariable(“Wirtschaftsjahr”, WJahr.JahrName)
preview.AddVariable(“Tagesdatum”, Now)
preview.AddVariable(“SystemPfad”, em.SystemPath)
preview.AddVariable(“Titel”, IIf(pArt = 0, “Kunden”, “Lieferanten”) + “stammliste”)
preview.AddVariable(“Auswahl”, sAuswahl)
preview.Designer = False

preview.ReportName = ReportSearchFile(em, “Personenstammliste”)

After Show a new Window is shown, with the Stimulsoft-Viewer in it.

With a Button (if i allow it)  i change to the Stimulsoft Editor.

Because there are a lot of special internal functions  and variables in my classes, i cannot send you a sample.

But you can write me on Email:

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As Stimulsoft is a third-party software that we don’t develop, you’ll have to explore their documentation for more guidance on that specific part.

Looks like Stimulsoft does have some YouTube tutorials, I would start there:


1.Follow the Stimulsoft tutorials/documentation, up to generating a PDF of the report.

2. Display the PDF in Wisej using the PDFViewer. You have some options:
2a. Render the report to a pdf file. Display the pdf file in the PDFViewer, assigning it via the variable PdfSource. If you look at the demobrowser code this is the method that is used.

The code looks like this: pdfViewer1.PdfSource = "Files/Wisej.pdf";
2b. Render the report to a stream and assign the stream to pdfViewer.PdfStream

Relevant Wisej samples+ documentation:

PDFViewer documentation:

You can see an example of the PDFViewer in the demobrowser here:

The entire code of the demobrowser is on github. Here is the PDFViewer demo part of the code. Look at the file Features.cs specifically (both look at it in the designer and look at the code):


  • Emmanuella Akhilome
    Thank you for your response, Julie. I found a way to add a stimulsoft report to an Asp.Net Core Web App (mvc) project, and it works there. The problem I’m facing now is how to add the aspnet project into wisej3.5 in order to view the report from the pdfviewer control. Is there a way to do that?
  • Frank (ITG)
    Hi Emmanuella, integrating third party software into Wisej.NET is out of scope for free support provided here. If you want us to build an integration sample, please contact us at to get a quote and we are happy to work on it. Best regards, Frank
  • Emmanuella Akhilome
    Hi Frank, will definitely do that. Is that why I cannot access rdlc reports in wisej3.5 using the reportviewer control, even after installing rdlc designer and the necessary packages.
  • Luca (ITG)
    The report viewer control is for ASP.NET only and it’s quite old. It can be integrated easily using the AspNetControl extension. However, the best way to use any reporting engine on the web is to stream the result to the PdfViewer avoiding the memory overhead and clumsiness of most report viewers.
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