Renewal of license does not work


Dear Support Team,

when I try to renew the period of my trial-version in my account using the link “extend license” … nothing happens … the same behaviour in the shopping cart.

If possible, I would like to extend the period of my trial-version for annother 30 days as described in your offer.

Within the next 30 days I’m going to buy a developer license, but in the meantime I need a trial version for test purposes.




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I am trying to extend my trial for a month more and it comes up with the same error and my search brought me to this page. Could you pl extend my licence for a month time pl? I am converting our Thulya Web Server Defender (Web Server Security to protect from RDP, MSSQL and other brute force crack / hack attempts) winforms app to Wisej. It would help me complete the core development before going for the full licence. I would be going with the Developer licence before the end of this extension.

Thanks and regards,

Update 1:  Sorry, without realising that I can email your support team privately to, I have posted my request here. I have just dropped you an email. Thanks.
Update 2: I have just bought the developer licence. Pl ignore my above message. Thanks.

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Hi Harald,

extending trial licenses is only possible upon demand.
I have extended yours until september 30th.

Best regards

  • Harald Zimmerer
    Hi Frank, thank you :-) … by the way: great tool, for me the right way!!! Best regards, Harald
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