Release notes for Wisej build 1.2.11


Since the latest build (1.2.11) is a rather big round up of bug fixes and enhancements and there
are a also a few changes and things to consider, these release notes should help you
to quickly get started with the new build.

WJ-7366  Changing Label Height in Theme Builder affects other controls
Changed the appearance key of the Wisej.Web.Label to “TextLabel” since “label” refers to the basic label component used as a child of many other widgets.
All themes have been updated accordingly.

WJ-7291 DateTimePicker uses the server’s locale to localize month and day names.
Now Wisej automatically localizes the long/short day and month names used by the DateTimePicker and the MonthCalendar (not implemented yet) using Windows locales.
Wisej also localizes the standard tooltips in the DateTimePicker using these localization keys:
$Next year
$Last year
$Next month
$Last month

WJ-7315 Missing tree view methods
GetNodeAt() can only be added as an async call: the server asks the client and it receives a reply asynchronously.
Which is probably not useful. If this method is needed to manage ItemDrag/DragDrop events, we have a new property DragEventArgs.DropTarget
that refers to the node that is the target of a drag drop operation (unlike WinForms where you had to find it using GetNodeAt).
HideSelection and HotTracking are better managed in the theme. We separate the style from the theme and the component code as much as possible.
ShowNodeToolTips, TreeNode.ToolTipTest and ItemDrag are all implemented.

Added the Classic-2 theme
see separate message

WJ-7344 – Add method to measure a string.
Wisej.Base.TextUtils.MeasureText and Wisej.Base.TextUtils.MeasureTextAsync.
MeasureText cannot measure HTML, while MeasureTextAsync can since it asks the client to measure it. In other words, MeasureTextAsync is more accurate. Can be used with lambdas:

TextUtils.MeasureTextAsync(text, allowHtml, font, (size)=>{
// size is the size returned by the client.

WJ-7343 Exception and VS crash when adding a SqlServer local file data source using the data source drop down.
All templates have been updated to include the System.Config assembly in the references.
If VS crashes when adding a SqlServer data source using the quick actions editor it’s because this assembly was not referenced. Add it to the project and it all works.

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