Release 13.16 Grid cells are containers now

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Release notes for 1.3.16 say: Grid cells are containers now

What does that mean and what can be done with that feature

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It simply means that the rendering of the link, image, button cells has changed and instead of styling the cell’s main div, they are now rendered inside and the main div of the cell is used as a container.

The main difference between the datagrid and all the other widgets is that the content of the grid is rendered as html, in other words, the cells are not widgets. Each cell is a div in a row div, etc. They are removed when scrolled out and appended when scrolled in. The content is rendered (html is re-created) each time a row scrolls in from the data source. That’s how the grid is able to handle unlimited rows.

Getting back to your question. The feature that was added and you can use is the Role property added to all grid cell events. If you add a custom html to a cell like <span role=’my-element’>Hello</span> when you click in the cell on that element, the Role property if the event will have “my-element”.

For us, this was a necessary change for the PropertyGrid, expandable rows with panels, collapsible rows which child rows since it’s a lot easier now to detect pointer events on elements inside a cell.




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