[SOLVED] Regression for UserComboBox.DropDownControl 2.0.22


Dear Team,


for 2.0.22 an exception is being thrown when trying to focus a child control of a UserComboBox.DropDownControl

Exception: Invisible or disabled control cannot be activated.
at Wisej.Web.ContainerControl.SetActiveControl(Control value)


There is no problem if DropDownControl is being focused at, as it has no Parent.

But the child controls of DropDownControl are owned by DropDownControl and therefore have a Parent.

Because they are ultimately disconnected from the Form the 2.0.22 now thinks they are invisible/disabled.


Everything works well in 2.0.13.  I think this is a regression for #1832.


The second issue is that the UserComboBox.DropDownControl does not work with “Classic-2” theme.

The height of the DropDownControl is not set properly.


Attached a sample for reference.


Many thanks!


  • Levie (ITG)
    Hi, After updating to the latest version of Wisej (2.0.28) do you still have this issue? Let me know. Best regards, Levie
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Great Answer

Thank you.

Will be fixed in the next release.

Best regards

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