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How do I make a ListviewSubItem with .text = “<a href=’#mylink’>Click Me</a>”  render the hyperlink with the same style as a LinkLabel?

I know I have to specify the class like this

<a href=’#mylink’ class=’???’>Click Me</a>

but I don’t know how to refer to CSS contained within the theme. Thank you!


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The “styles” sections of the theme are converted to css as they are used during the application execution. There is no single css that corresponds to the theme.

The “properties” section is assigned to widget properties which in turn may or may not use css styles to represent whatever it is that the property means. If the link widget is already created, you can look into the DOM (F12 – Chrome) and see the name of the class created by the theme manager. It’s usually “qx-{appearance}-[{component}]-{state}”.

Otherwise you can:

  1. use any css style in a css file.
  2. use the StyleSheet extender and a css file or css text.
  3. In Wisej 2 themes have a “stylesheet” section where you can add css classes.
  4. In Wisej 2 all controls have a CssClass and CssStyle property.




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