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I have create a tool and it has a username/password field.

all the usernames/passwords are stored in the database which are loaded when tool open.

when the username/password is correct and the next page is opening.

the username i keep using in the tool to use in log files i’m writing in the database the userid who add/edit/delete something.

that’s the reason why i have make this variable public > Public Shared UserID As String


problem is now when another user log in, the variable UserID is changing so it’s writing the last logged in user to the logs.

with a windows form i don’t have this problem as it’s installed on every computer locally.

do you have experience with that and how to solve?

i really need a solution because i have users in different countries so i also need this variable in the future.


best regards,



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Hi Björn,

For storing client-specific information, I would recommend using the Application.Session dynamic object.

For more information about sessions check out the documentation:


Best regards

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