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I’d like to clarify the questions below if possible

1, the wisej license for the developer, has 1 year free updates, but after that will continue working, ok got it.
2, the server license in the portal also show’s one year, but it’ll continue to work after that, right? even if wisej disapears?
3, if there a tool or how can i deactivate a license from one computer to another?


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Thanks Frank,

In the need to migrate a license from one computer to another, how can i process that?

  • Frank (ITG)
    See in my previous answer: Remove the key from the old web.config and put it into the new web.config. Regards, Frank
  • Jorge Bastos
    Frank, I mean for the developer, that’s all i need also?
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Hi Jorge,

1. Yes the licenses are perpetual, they keep working but cannot be upgraded anymore once the license expired.
2. Yes, it´s the same as 1.
3. There is no tool, but for server licenses you can remove it from one web.config and add it to another web.config

Best regards

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