PWA Install App Panel is not displayed in local IIS



InstallAppPanel in IIS Exress in PWA project with Wisej
Is displayed, but when switching to local IIS, InstallAppPanel is displayed.
Please tell me the cause

Attach IIS Express and local IIS screen attachments

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Hi Takao,

Using Chrome’s Lighthouse tool we can evaluate what’s causing the issue. In this case, under the Progressive Web App Installable section, you see “Does not register a service worker that controls page and start_url” (see the attached image). It then goes on to explain why in the description.


If we navigate to the manifest.json file, we can see the default start_url is “/Default.html”. In this case, the base part of the URL it’s looking for is “localhost”, but when you use Local IIS, the path is changed to a virtual directory at the specified project name (by default it’s /WisejPWAWebApplication1).

So, if we want to test it with Local IIS we can change the start_url to “/WisejPWAWebApplication1/Default.html” or you can use a wildcard (*), such as “*/Default.html” if you like.

I’ll try to log an enhancement to update the default start_url so it encompasses development in both IIS Express and Local IIS.

If you have any questions or this isn’t clear, please let me know!

Best regards,


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Levie (ITG)

Thank you.


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