[SOLVED] purpose of json Forbidden handler in web.config?


In my web.config, the json line is commented out. I believe I did this because WiseJ was interfering with some json delivery for an API I did under the a sub-folder on the domain (WiseJ app is active on the root of the domain).


Question is, what is the purpose of the line? Is it OK to comment out? thanks.


<add name=”Wisej” type=”Wisej.Core.HttpModule, Wisej.Core”/>
<!– <add name=”json” verb=”*” path=”*.json” type=”System.Web.HttpForbiddenHandler” /> –>
<add name=”wisej” verb=”*” path=”*.wx” type=”Wisej.Core.HttpHandler, Wisej.Core”/>

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Best Answer

To prevent an app from disclosing Default.json since it may contain app specific settings in “settings”:{}. It’s not needed by Wisej.

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