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I’m trying out the HtmlPanel to display some basic contact information, name, phone number, email address etc, with all the CSS styles built into the HTML template that i’m applying to the HtmlPanel.  The email address is formatted as a ‘mailto’ href link.

When the application starts the HTML is displayed correctly in the HtmlPanel, and the email address shows up as expected with the hand cursor appearing on mouse hover, but when I click on the email address, nothing happens.  I was sort of expecting that my default email client would bring up a new email for me ready to enter text into.  I tried pressing CTRL and left mouse click and no luck with that either.

I could probably achieve this using the WebBrowser control but I figured that your HtmlPanel is probably a bit ‘lighter’ than the WebBrowser control.

Is there a way that this can be achieved in the HtmlPanel control or could it possibly be added as a new feature?

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Hi Andrew,

in an HtmlPanel, Wisej blocks default actions and sends the click to the server instead to let the app decide what to do.
Otherwise a link would navigate the application away instead of being an actionable event.

I have wrapped up a very simple example that shows a way how to handle the mailto links in an HtmlPanel. (attached)

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards

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