[CLOSED] Problems to print Barcode Labels


Hello. I’m using wisej on VS 2017 Community Ed. and a Zebra GC420d printer.

I’m printing barcode labels through a library called RawPrinterHelper. The labels are sent without problem directly from the computer (PC1) to the Printer (GC420d).

The problem happens when I connect the printer (GC420d) to another computer (PC2) that is in the network, when sending the label it does not do anything in the PC2 and the printing goes out in the PC1. In none of the 2 computers is the printer being shared, but it seems when working on the application and sending the printing through this library, the printing is done on the machine where the apllication is installed, not on the machine who wants to print locally.

Do you have any suggestions? the use of the library is because the printer works through EPL programming language.

Thanks in advance

  • Luca (ITG)
    The printing is done by the web server. It’s not related to Wisej.
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Good Answer

Closing the issue because: “The printing is done by the web server. It’s not related to Wisej.”

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